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World War II, Vietnam and Korean era veterans honored

It has been said that there is no love greater than that of someone willing to lay down his life for a friend, or indeed, his country. A luncheon held recently honored Putnam County veterans who took that patriotic step.

“You were willing to lay down your life for total strangers — people who you didn’t know, people who you’d never meet, and people who weren’t even born yet,” Randy Porter, county executive, said.

The event was attended by about 400 guests, including veterans from the World War II, Vietnam and Korean War eras, their spouses or caregivers, and numerous city and state officials.

The two oldest veterans present were 96 years old. One traveled all the way from Missouri to take part.

While enjoying this free event put on at the Leslie Town Centre by the Putnam County Archives and Veterans Hall, guests were treated to a presentation by the Cookeville High School’s JROTC, the Pledge of Allegiance read by Harmon Wattenbarger, the national anthem sung by Jennifer Wilkerson, and Mark Harris reading the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

“We celebrate each one of you who is a veteran,” Porter said. “Thank you for your service.”

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