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“Thank Goodness for American Veterans Aid. The staff at American Veterans Aid was an absolute lifesaver for my Mom. After going through the VA channels/red tape for two years, I gave up on getting Mom the benefits she deserved. I later contacted the American Veterans Aid staff, who made the entire process simple and efficient. Within three months the deserved benefits were approved.”


"Dear Joyce and Team

I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and my mother, Eleanor. Everyone worked extremely hard to get my mother qualified to receive the benefits to assist in her care. I could of NEVER have done this on my own.

It is hard enough to see your parents age but when they need extra care with everyday activities it is even harder. This could not have come at a better time. The Corona Virus was hitting the elderly homes which we were looking into prior but really could not afford. But the cost and time of taking care of an elderly person in your home does add up with doctor bills, home assistance, medicine, and special food.

I cannot tell you how professional, caring, and supportive the team was throughout the whole process and in record time we were granted the extra benefit for Aid and Attendance. My mother has always been in good hands with me and my husband but now the worry if needed to have more experience healthcare people involved has been lifted and the extra benefits helps us with the expenses of taking care of her specific needs.

I was also surprised that you had turned this claim around in less than three months. I knew that people have waited longer trying to do this themselves. This was remarkable.

Special Thanks to Lucy, Ardee, Joyce. Our Case Manager Ardee, and his team were extremely helpful in organizing and ensuring that all the documents were collected. His status updates were remarkably organizing, and response time was record time. His direction and consulting were so helpful and directed me to the right areas when collecting or sending documents.

Truly passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and professional team."

Thank You and God Bless
Elaine D.

"Their help is invaluable. We tried going it alone and after two years we gave up on the whole process. Then we heard about American Veterans Aid and gave them a try. Within a couple of months everything was settled and the benefits started. You can’t go wrong having them help you because they know the secrets to getting approved quickly. I gave them the highest rating because they deserve it!"

Joanne S.

"A big thanks to American Veterans Aid for helping our family member get the full amount of Aid and Attendance benefits from the VA last week. A previous application we filed ourselves several years ago for a different benefit was denied after a lengthy and convoluted process. We were referred to American Veterans Aid by a colleague and the experience this time could not have been more different. We were assisted every step of the way and received the approval only one month after submitting the final application. Our family is very grateful that our family member will have this assistance to help them remain in their home. Thank you for all your help!"

Ann L.

"I was incredibly impressed at how quickly, efficiently, and professionally Ardee (one of our case managers) communicated with me and handled my father's claim. My father had applied for Aid and Attendance on his own in the past only to be rejected after a year of waiting. My family was so relieved at how Ardee and the whole staff at American Veteran's Aid made the whole process so easy, and we were shocked and delighted when the VA approved my father's claim less than two months after applying!"

Ondrea A.

"Applying for Veterans benefits for my elderly mother would have been a very difficult (and painful) experience for me without the folks at the American Veterans Aid. I have no doubt that the aid for my mother was expedited because of their expertise and knowledge. These people know what they are doing and they keep you on track every step of the way. Their willingness to answer questions promptly, completely and efficiently was definitely another advantage included with their services. If I had to do this again, I would certainly utilize their program!"

Susan L.

"Hi Monica, Everyone associated with American Veterans Aid was so helpful and respectful. When I received the letter that Dad's application was approved, I sat down and cried with tears of joy. This has been one of the most difficult times in my parents' lives and I thank God that American Veterans Aid was there for them. They are now safe and sound, and actually very happy in assisted living. There are no words to describe what a relief this financial aid is to our family. We could not have afforded to put them in such a nice place to live. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Laura S.

"To all of you at American Veterans Aid who directly or indirectly helped my father obtain the Veterans benefit, we send a heartfelt THANK YOU!! He was so excited when I told him he would be receiving his benefits...I don't think he believed it until he saw his first deposit. I was surprised at how quickly we were able to get all the documents submitted and approved for his benefits. Since my father is 93, time was of the essence!! I am sure we were able to get results so quickly due to American Veterans Aid's expertise and great support. Thanks again, you have made a Veteran very happy. God Bless and Happy New Year!!"

Magdalena for Julian N.

"Monica, we received notification from the VA regarding my dad being approved for the Aid & Attendance Benefit. My wife and I and especially my dad are very thankful to you and all those who were involved in the process leading up to the approval letter. It was a lot of work and coordination, but your organization handled everything in a most expeditious and professional manner, and did a great job of coaching us in the right direction. May you and the staff at American Veterans Aide have a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year."



“I just wanted to let you know that we received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday stating they granted my Mom's pension benefits with aid and attendance… We are very pleased with their decision to grant her the benefit and the expediency in which they made the decision. I want to thank you and your organization for the assistance you provided in the process. It was very helpful and instrumental in achieving this great result in a timely manner. Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you on this.”

Gene G.

"Dealing with the folks at American Veterans Aid was a really great experience, and to be quite honest, a Godsend! They actually did everything that they said they would do. My mom was awarded her aid within 3 months, from my first call to AVA until it was deposited in her account! My aunt's family decided to "do the work themselves". We actually started at the same time, and just last week they informed my aunt's family that it would be 12 to 18 months before they even knew whether she'd be eligible! I'm telling you, my poor aunt has multiple myeloma, is totally unable to care for herself, and her family has no relief! I hope anyone who reads this will let the experts help you! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Renee S.

"Devin, as you know, we just received approval for my mother's VA benefit. I can't tell you how appreciative we are of the assistance that you gave us in completing her application. Your associates walked us through each step, making sure that we had everything exactly as it needed to be, and providing the support that was so important to the quick determination that the VA provided. I am convinced that this process would have taken much longer, and could have possibly not resulted in this positive resolution without the help of your organization. Veterans and their spouses are lucky to have this kind of support available to them. Thank you again."

Felicia C. Duncan

"I cannot say enough about the service that I received from the AVA and everyone that I dealt with. In July 2018 I went to my local VA office to apply for VA benefits for my elderly mother that she was entitled to from my father's service in WWII. In the later part of 2018 she was denied and again in 2019 for the same reasons although she seemed to meet all requirements including net worth and monthly income which by then only consisted of monthly SS Benefits. After starting with AVA I was astonished to discover the numerous careless errors and wrong information as a result of the incompetence of my local VA administration which almost cost my family two years of past due entitled benefits plus an unknown number of years going forward. Because of my mom's declining health she was requiring daily care and assistance which had depleted all of her savings and investment accounts. Luckily, I discovered and reached out to AVA and after waiting almost another year before we could reapply and working very closely with several associates of AVA, we were able to resubmit the documents and ultimately to MY SURPRISE were able receive all past benefits that my mother was entitled dating back to our original filing date along with her monthly benefits that she will receive until her death. Thank you very much to each and everyone of the personnel at American Veterans Aid. Not only are they very capable but caring, kind, extremely efficient and well organized."

Robert Atkins

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that your staff provided these last few months. I visited your website looking for assistance for the Aid and Attendance Benefit, for my husband. Your staff were very attentive and helpful. The employees I interacted with, especially Ardee Diamante, were very knowledgeable about the questions I had for this benefit, and how we could qualify. Your employees showed interest in helping me, by answering all my questions and doubts. Because of their efforts, I was able to apply in Nov. 2014 with the help of your staff.

I was amazed as to how fast I received notice from the VA, to let us know we had qualified for this benefit. I received the letter on Feb. 18th of 2015. The money was deposited in our bank account on Feb. 20th, 2015. I am especially amazed as to how fast all this was done, as one day while sitting at the VA office, I spoke to a lady who told me it had been already 10 months, trying to qualify for this benefit for her father. I felt so grateful to your staff, that I had you all on my side for guidance.

I am very satisfied with your services and would highly recommend it to others. Please let all your staff that their efforts did not go unnoticed. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued.


M.L. Ferrell

“Thank you to all of you for all of your help. I mailed the papers on Dec 23, 2014 and received the letter today that my mother got approved for the full amount starting Jan 1, 2015. I was shocked to have received this already. Thanks again. I will recommend you to anyone who needs VA aid that I know.”

Sue T.

"Good morning Monica. I want to thank American Veterans Aid for everything.

Here was my story in initially dealing with the Veterans Administration on my own. My mother’s care giver and myself filled out our first form in 2012, then we waited and waited then contacted the VA. They finally answered us apologizing but they couldn’t find her forms. Come to find out they left off an IMPORTANT letter and number on her file number. Needless to say we had to refile the SAME form all over again in August 2013, plus we had to have the doctor fill out and sign a new form AGAIN. We kept filling out the same forms over and over again and providing the same information over and over again and still getting nowhere. And on Dec 23, 2013, I received another letter containing the SAME forms that I have filled out twice and submitted over and over again. … I called the Pennsylvania main number and some very rude person wouldn’t listen to what I had to say. All he kept doing was telling me that I had to fill out some more forms.

The money I spent hiring AVA was well worth it because AVA knew exactly what to do and what forms to send ALL in one package. As of June 1, 2014, we started to receive the widow benefits from the VA. Again I want to thank EVERYONE at AVA for their knowledge and dedication to my plight.

Linda W.

"Hi Michele,

We have sure appreciated the help we got from you and your team last year. The benefit was approved in January and has been a tremendous relief to my dad as my mom has needed more and more help as the year has progressed. We have had to hire two additional caretakers to provide personal care.

We have given your information to a few other veterans who were in need of the benefits but were overwhelmed by the application process. I hope they called.

Thanks again. We were very pleased with service."

Sandy K.

"My name if Stephen and Americans Veterans Aid really came through for me and my father!

We found an assisted living facility for him that he loved but didn't have a big enough pension to pay for the care. Being that he is a diabetic, he needs additional attention that we could’t afford. The folks over at AVA were extremely helpful and professional over the phone, and made sure we had all the proper paperwork filled out. They made a potentially confusing and frustrating process simple and easy. After completing and sending all of the documents to the VA, about a month later we received a letter in the mail notifying us that my dad qualified for the benefit and would receive it the following month!!

If it wasn't for AVA it would have been nearly impossible to get through the red tape and paper mountain that the VA puts in front of you.

Thanks guys, you are a lifesaver!!!"

Stephen B.

"American Veterans Aid is the real deal. My family was facing financial issues in caring for my Dad who suffers from dementia. My Dad is a proud veteran of WW II and deserves to be cared for properly.

I first consulted with Nick Holt and then worked with Dianne Tabaquero. I am a retired CPA and recognize competence. The team at American Veterans Aid is first class. We filed for benefits on January 27 and received the approval letter on April 29.

I want to thank the entire team for your expertise!"

Rich D.

"Hi Dianne and Kirk,

My parents recently received their approval packet from the VA Aid Program. Their monthly compensation will be $2,061.00/month. This is such GREAT NEWS!! My parents now will receive the financial independence they desired and be able to receive any medical assistance they need. They are both so very happy!! This is not only great news for my parents, but for the whole family. Prior to this acceptance, my parents only source of income was their social security benefits that totaled approximately $1150/month. Now they will be earning nearly 3 times this amount.

My dad was a WWII vet and gave 3 years of his life during that most turbulent time in the world. It was great to learn these benefits are available to him and my mom. You both made this process for us very smooth. You answered any questions we had and followed up with my dad's Dr. to get the proper documents necessary. We are all most grateful to you both and the VA Assistance Program."

John Tazza & Family

"I was very pleased with the result of AVA"s assistance in applying for VA benefits. They were efficient in helping me complete the various forms and requirements necesary to qualify. As a result my claim was approved and my first check arrived 6 weeks later! Thank you for your help."


"Hi Judy LaBriola,

Since you were the first person I spoke with when I called American Veterans Aid back in August of 2013, I want to thank you. I was somewhat hesitant because I did not know how this whole process worked. but you were so kind and informative and you sent me right away through e-mail all of the information on Aid & Attendance benefit for my mom and dad. I stepped out in faith and I said I have to try and get the help my parents needed with their healthcare. My Dad is 89 and my mom is 86. I was in contact with Dianne Tabaquero from American Veterans Aid who worked closely with me to get all of the required documents that I needed. I e-mailed her constantly to get my questions answered and she was so kind and patient with me. Thank you, Dianne. I gathered all of the required documents and sent them to American Veterans Aid around the 1st of September to start the application process. I received the application back, had my dad sign them and sent them overnight to Veterans Administration. They received the packet on September 18. American Veterans Aid had informed me earlier that the application could take up to 4 to 6 months once Veterans Administration had received my dads packet. On October 29, 2013 my dad received a letter from Veterans Aid informing him that his application was being processed. On November 09, 2013 my dad received a packet from Veterans Administration informing him that he was approved to received an Aid & Attendance benefit in the amount of $2026.00 a month. They said he would get his first check in 15 days. Our whole family was very happy. The whole process went fast. I want to thank everyone at American Veterans Aid for helping us with this whole process. It took a big weight off our shoulders. I would recommend American Veterans Aid to anyone who is seeking help to help their loved ones. American Veterans Aid delivered!"

Blessings from Reuben and Laura Sue

"I know it is possible for an individual to fill out the forms and apply for VA benefits without assistance, but I chose to use American Veterans Aid and I am glad I did. The forms are not self-evident, and I had lots of questions about what they meant. I also needed help figuring out which agency to apply to for information on Eileen's husband's service, both of their divorces and remarriages, etc. ... It is all very convoluted and confusing and I was afraid I would make a mistake. American Veterans Aid had dealt with the questions many times before and knew the answers. They were meticulous. If I filled out a form wrong, they made me do it right.

Eileen received her first VA check for the maximum amount of support on August 14, 2013.

IT WAS WORTH IT to use Americans Veterans Aid. I am so relieved!"

Rosanne Shalf

"I want to thank all of you for your kind assistance in helping my mother receive the Aid & Attendance Benefit. The process seemed overwhelming, and required such specifics that I found myself against a wall of bureaucratic paper work.

I was unsure at first hiring assistance would be a good idea. I carefully read all the things provided and decided that YES. I am so grateful for the kind help, phone calls, questions, and exactly what you expected of me and my mother’s care givers. Step by step you recovered my father’s missing military records from World War II (a fire had erased his records but payroll records were there).

I always had someone to contact if I had concerns about the process and feel like this is a true service and benefit for those who find a family member in need. My mother is settled in to assisted living and the peace of mind that she has 24 hour care is hard to put a price on.

Thank you again for your devotion and dedication to helping our veterans continue to provide for their loved ones."

Christine Vincent

"I first heard about the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit when I began researching assisted living facilities for my 89 year old dad who lived in an apartment by himself.

I heard from many people that the benefit was very hard to receive, took lots of paperwork and time. As I researched the benefit online I found AVA.

Dad and I have often talked about how lost we would have been going through the benefit application process without AVA. We both are very happy with the service we received and felt that it was well worth it to have someone in our corner that had connections and knowledge that we didn't have. Each of the steps on the way to actually sending the application to the VA felt like we had someone pulling for us, someone to contact with questions and someone to help us with the process (a lot of paperwork!!). All AVA employees doing their part for us along the way were friendly and took our calls happily. We always felt that our calls and emails were important to AVA.

By April, we heard that Dad would begin getting the benefit of $1,703 on May 1st. And it was in his account that day! When I told Dad, he cried. So did I. We are so thankful that he can stay in the assisted living facility he loves and get the care he deserves.

Yesterday, I recommended AVA to Dad's assisted living facility because when I told them that he got the benefit, they said there were other residents that needed it and were having trouble getting it.

Thank you AVA!!"


"Hi Adina,
I want to thank you for the wonderful assistance you provided me through the ordeal of completing all the forms required to apply for my Veterans' pension. It would have been impossible without your diligence and perseverance. I simply could not have done it on my own.

Your knowledge and expertise are, indeed, truly commendable.

The kindness and patience you showed me was so appreciated through this confusing mass of forms and documents required by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

I cannot thank you enough."

Elsie H.
(A truly satisfied client)

"Dear American Veterans Aid:
My name is Georgia Jackson and I would like to thank Adina Nguyen and Barbara Wright for all of their hard work that resulted in my VA Aid and Attendance Pension’s approval.

I am happy to have Adina as a Case Manager working with you – she is an asset to American Veterans Aid. I met Adina through Barbara (whom I first spoke to with this consultation process). Both Adina and Barbara are intelligent people and I think that they both should get promoted from their position.

Adina was always there to answer my questions to my greatest satisfaction.

Adina is very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. She kept with me from the beginning to the end until the work was finished. She has a good personality, is a good person, and perfect for the position at American Veterans Aid. American Veterans Aid should be proud to have her as an employee in the company.

It is always good and refreshing to have someone with Adina’s and Barbara’s character/personality and I feel very close to them.

Thank you very much!"

Georgia Jackson

Thank you for your excellent service in helping us through the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits application process. It was such a joy when we received news from the Department of Veterans Affairs that my mom had been awarded the full amount. Then, the next month when we saw the funds in her account…well, we are just so grateful! My mom was diagnosed with dementia and the costs for her care soared beyond our financial abilities. With the help of these funds, my mom can receive the care she needs. Though the forms were extensive, the rewards are well worth it. I could never have made it through without the friendly support and expert guidance of the American Veterans Aid. I highly recommend your services.

To you and all at AVA, you made the difference and we sincerely thank you!"

Karyl A.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this. However, I think the longer we have the benefit of Aid and Attendance, the more we realize what a blessing American Veterans Aid was to us!As you may recall, I contacted you just after my mother passed away in 2012. My 90-year-old father was left then in good enough physical condition to live alone, but still absolutely needed assistance with preparation of meals, cleaning, shopping, transportation, etc. However, my mother's long illness had depleted their savings, and caused them to take out a loan against their home, so hiring regular care was impossible. My sister-in-law was helping as much as possible, but she has a full-time job and worked every overtime hour she could get to make ends meet.

I have no doubt in my mind that using the services of American Veterans Aid sped up the paperwork process immensely. Your thoroughness ensured that we were filling out forms correctly, so nothing got "kicked back" to us from the Veteran's Administration. (I have a friend who was going through the process of applying for Aid and Attendance on her own for her father; he passed away before they could get the paperwork approved.)

Having the Aid and Attendance income from the VA has been invaluable to my family. He is now able to pay my sister-in-law enough that she can pass on the overtime and spend more time with my father. He has been able to buy some mobility equipment like a Rollater and a wheelchair, not to mention buy his first new eyeglasses in 25 years! He has also been able to purchase more fruit and vegetables (that are NOT in cans), as well as Boost supplemental drinks, which are very expensive.

Overall, I have nothing but high praise for American Veterans Aid. As my friends’ parents begin down the path of my father, the first question I ask them is if either of their parents are veterans! I will refer everyone in similar situations to American Veterans Aid."

Valerie Faust Cowan
Daughter of Joseph H. Faust, WWII Veteran

"Dear Dianne,
To follow is my review of the service received from AMERICAN VETERANS AID and may be used in any way you see fit.

My father-in-law and I began the process to receive his military pension with the help of AMERICAN VETERANS AID. All persons connected with our process were always very helpful and professional. I am certain that without your help we would still be trying to fight our way through the paperwork. I am convinced that had we attempted to "do-it-yourself" we would have experienced many false starts, frustrations and would have given up.

For us, the process was a long one, and there were many times my father-in-law wanted to just give up, but as a result of your positive attitude, was able to press on to completion.

We appreciate all you've done to get what my father-in-law deserves."

Best regards,
Gene Korte

"I want to thank American Veterans Aid for all their help and assistance with my father’s VA Aid & Attendance Benefit claim. They were extremely knowledgeable about all of the complex forms and processes necessary to apply for this benefit. Their guidance made a very difficult and time consuming process much easier and more efficient. Just recently on TV news I watched a segment on the Veterans Administration bureaucracy where it took years for veterans to have claims processed. With the help of American Veterans Aid that was not the case for my father’s claim. Once the necessary paperwork was collected and completed the application was submitted in November 2012. On February 2013 my father received his first check for over $4000 and will continue to receive $2000 per month going forward. Getting that first check to help support my aging 87 year dad and 86 year old mom brought tears to my dad’s eyes. Almost 70 years after he risked his life fighting in the South Pacific for his country he feels very grateful and appreciated by the Veterans Administration for this benefit. The American Veterans Aid fee was money well spent. All of my family would like to thank them for their help in making my parents final years more comfortable."

Randy Williams

"Dear Dianne,
Thank you for your excellent work in my Father-in-Law's case. Your guidanceand assistance was instrumental in his obtaining Aid and Attendance benefits in atimely manner from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Your company, AmericanVeterans Aid, is also to be highly commended for their excellent work on the case.We will highly recommend you and your company to others. Our family is grateful for yourhelp. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial."

Darren L. Wu - Attorney at Law, LLC

"I still can't believe that they awarded the full benefit. Your company really came through for us!! I would have never been able to do it on my own and in such a short time frame. Thanks again for all your help."

Carol G.

"I am so grateful for the response to my claim for needed funds. The deposit into my account brought tears to my eyes. The extra money was more than I had anticipated. It is a miracle that has taken a load off my mind. With these additional funds, I will be able to stretch my savings for more years. I do not know how much longer I can stay at home but I have the comfort that I can afford an assisted living home."

Loye L.

"It was good talking with you Monica. I told my father he will seeing the checks shortly and he was thrilled [VA approval received July 2012]. Seeing what my father and mother have gone through these past few years has sure opened my eyes about preparing for your retirement. They both worked hard all their lives and thought they had enough put away, but I don’t think you ever really have enough when poor health hits you and you need to spend your money on having one take care of you.

If is good to know that there are places like American Veterans Aid to help out families of Veterans. Thanks again for your help."

Patricia R.

"Dear Phil and Rick: Today I opened a BIG, FAT envelope from the VA telling us that my mother has been awarded her A&A benefits, effective January 12, 2012. My sisters and I are so pleased! Thank you very much—all of you at AVA—for helping us navigate the application process. I am especially happy that the VA evaluation process took place in under one month—wow! You were a tremendous help, and it certainly paid off! Please know that I am happy to provide a reference for AVA to other families going through this same process. I am reviewing the material now and see that I will need to do some follow-up reporting. I may call on you again to confirm my understanding of how we keep my mother’s status current. All the best, and with a grateful heart. "

Katie W.

My father recently received exciting news from the Department of Veteran Affairs that he had been approved for disability benefits! I would like to personally thank all those involved at Mostyn Faulker at American Veterans Aid for making this possible. Your representative Mostyn Faulker is an absolute pleasure to work with, and had it not been for him I doubt we would have ever gone through the application process. Mr. Faulkner was extremely helpful and patient with my family by explaining the application process, and what we needed to prepare to qualify for the VA benefits. There were times we were discouraged with all the delays and requests for information but I could always call Mr. Vander Hamm and he would explain what was needed and not let us lose hope. I can now say that it was worth all the effort, and we could have not done it without American Veterans Aid."

Many thanks,

Gregg M.

"Thank You! Mine and my brother’s experience with everyone at American Veterans Aid was very positive. They were thorough, informative and answered questions promptly. The application was submitted to the Americans Veterans Aid and the approval process for the benefits was less than 30 days. I hope you know how much you and all the staff at the American Veterans Aid are appreciated."


The J. W. Family

"I have continued to rely on Mr. Faulkner in view of his thorough professional knowledge, prompt and kindly attention in attending to my mother’s estate on behalf of my brother and myself.  Also, because of his commitment to providing financial assistance, I have now retained him to help me with my personal financial needs. He would be the first choice if friends or relatives needed this type of service."

Carol S. L.

"To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written as a testimonial of the experience we had with American Veterans Aid. After attending a seminar in mid-January, we had a private meeting with two representatives to learn more about the Aid and Attendance Benefits for Wartime Veterans in need of care in an assisted living community (in this case – an Alzheimer’s facility) and to see if our father qualified to receive this help.

In February, we received the packet of information, the preliminary questionnaire and list of supporting documents needed to qualify. It was extensive and took us quite awhile to complete; but we took one thing at a time, answered all the questions and sent for any documents we did not have. (One good hint, from our daughter who works in the medical field, you do not have to try to add up all medical bills – pharmacies and doctor’s offices will provide you with a print-out of whatever time period you need).

By the end of April we had compiled everything requested and made copies of everything for our records. (Others may be able to complete this process quicker if they have the needed information and documentation). The packet was sent to the American Veterans Aid office so they could verify that everything was answered and all documents needed were present. After it was received back, it was mailed to the Department of Veteran Affairs on April 19, 2011.

By June 15, 2011 the claim had been approved and the start date and monthly amount were assigned. The first payment was received by electronic deposit on July 1, 2011.

The process was quite an experience, but well worth the needed benefits received thanks to the help of American Veterans Aid."

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