Veterans Have the IT Skills American Companies Need


There is a lot of media coverage about unemployment, but there are in fact many job openings that American companies struggle to fill.  Vacant jobs can cost companies hundreds of dollars a day in lost profits, research shows, and ultimately the job skills gap hurts America’s economic growth.

Companies are not finding the right people to fill those jobs and it points to a skills gap particularly in the IT and technology field.  One neglected resource for recruiting top tech talent is American veterans.  Military researchers have long been on cutting edge of technology. Many vets who served overseas were building networks, installing software and handling security for communication systems.

Apart from their obvious work skills vets have other skills that they bring to the table – they know discipline and understand a chain of command.  They know how to persevere and get stuff done.

Next time you’re looking for tech talent, hire a qualified American Veteran.


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