Veterans find new employment opportunities in Tech Industry


One of Silicon Valley’s biggest challenges is finding and retaining great people. Even though the Tech industry is growing constantly, it remains difficult to attract and keep talent amid a competitive atmosphere where there are so many companies going after such big ideas.

A few companies, however, have figured out a competitive advantage through a relatively untapped source of talent: military veterans.

The U.S. has seen large numbers of military veterans returning to or looking to enter the private sector. Tech companies can’t find enough skilled people, and veterans are looking for careers to utilize their skills and training.

The integration isn’t as easy as it sounds though. Employers often don’t know how to interpret the relevance of veterans’ skills or appreciate their capacity for such all-round skills as rapid learning, leadership or aptitude.

Enter VetsinTech. This is an operation with a mission to help train, connect and find jobs for military veterans wanting careers in tech.

Over the next five years, approximately one million servicemen and women will return to the workforce and, in some cases, these vets will be transforming their careers at technology companies.

LinkedIn recently worked with VetsinTech to sponsor an employer meet-up at Ten-X. In May, Joining Forces, under the leadership of First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, convened tech companies and announced “110,000 new hiring commitments and nearly 60,000 new training commitments for veterans and military spouses over the next five years, primarily in the fields of aerospace, telecommunications and tech.”

Overall, VetsinTech has grown to 12 veteran-led chapters across the U.S. in just three years, and gained support from more than 20 top tech companies to hire veterans and develop training programs.

While there is more work to do, and still far too many qualified veterans looking for an opportunity, there is one thing the tech industry is good at, it’s recognizing the power of extraordinary people, and tech companies have started to tap into a new talent source that will bolster them for the next big innovations ahead.

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