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The new application process will enable war era veterans to attain the benefits which they deserve. The VA has recently announced the implementation of a new application process for VA health benefits. They published a final regulation on September 12 that allows former service members to apply for VA health benefits over the phone. According to American Veterans Aid, a private company committed to helping war era vets and their surviving spouses receive Aid & Attendance Benefit, this recent move will not just benefit veterans—it will also benefit the VA itself.

As a company dedicated to serving war vets and their family, American Veterans Aid is extremely happy about the VA’s new application process. “This new process is going to help many veterans across the nation,” says a spokesperson from American Veterans Aid. “Some of them can barely manage to step out of the house due to certain health conditions, so being able to apply over the phone is definitely going to make things a lot easier for them.”

American Veterans Aid was founded in 2010 by a war vet after learning that many veterans were having a hard time getting VA benefits. Wanting to help find a way for veterans to receive benefits without unnecessary delays, he, together with his partner, formed a team of 23 members that would provide world-class service to veteran clients needing health benefits. The company has helped more veterans and their spouses apply for and get the Aid and Attendance Benefit than any other firm in the United States.

“Vets are not the only ones that are going to benefit from this new procedure,” adds the spokesperson. “The VA is going to save a lot of time, money and resources by allowing veterans to apply over the phone. “

Previously, vets had to either apply in person at a VA medical center or submit a paper application to the department. This procedure was so inefficient and slow that it created a backlog of 847,882 applications that spanned nearly 15 years and included submissions from over 300,000 deceased veterans.

Fortunately, after the VA inspector general gave a report on the backlog a year ago, the VA eventually took the right steps to change the outdated application process and removed a requirement that needed applicants to physically sign the necessary paperwork.

Now, vets can apply over the phone, and VA employees will walk them through the process, including educating them on copayment requirements and third party insurance. Vets can also continue to apply for benefits in person, according to the VA. To learn more about the intracacies of VA benefits, visit:


American Veterans Aid is a company that helps war era vets and their surviving spouses receive the Aid & Attendance Benefit, a tax-free benefit given by the VA which provides financial aid to help offset the cost of long term care for those who need it. It was founded in 2010 by a war vet after learning that many vets were having a difficult time getting VA benefits.

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