Veteran Scholarships You Should Take Advantage Of


The GI Bill, as you know, is a Department of Veterans Affairs education benefit earned by members of Active Duty, Selected Reserve and National Guard Armed Forces and their families. The benefit is designed to help servicemembers and eligible veterans cover the costs associated with getting an education or training. The GI Bill — even tuition assistance (TA) — can be a very useful for American Veterans as financial aid for college. But check out these other options to see if you are eligible for the six veteran aid scholarships that you could take advantage of now:

1. American Legion Auxiliary

The American Legion Auxiliary offers opportunities for financial aid for their members — more details here. Beyond individual service members, there is also a scholarship for children of service members.

2. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

The AFCEA requires applicants to be associated with the following fields of study: electrical, chemical systems, aerospace engineering, physics, science, mathematics education, information technology management, or computer science. Applications for scholarships are considered by AFCEA chapter (i.e. location). More info here.

3. Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA)

In accordance with the AAAA, scholarships may be available to a current member, the spouse of a current member, a son or daughter of a current member, a grandchild of a current member, or the unmarried sibling of a current member. More info here.

4. Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA)

Enrolled in an accredited baccalaureate or advanced degree program in nursing, nurse anesthesia, or related healthcare field? You may be a prime candidate for an ANCA scholarship — More info here.

5. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

25 scholarships awarded annually to eligible members and members of immediate family. Note: Your EAS must be within 36 months, prior to applying. More info here.

6. Veterans United Foundation

Up to 20 scholarships awarded every year. Applicants must be pursuing a higher education degree; spouses and children of service members eligible — More info here.

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