American Veterans Groups Fight Federal Hiring Cuts


American Veterans Groups are not pleased with the Senate’s attempt to cut Federal hiring advantages for vets.

Back in 2014 President Obama’s push to hire more veterans in government positions was not popular with everyone. The fact that American Veterans were getting preference led to resentment between civil employees and vets.

Now Congress has stepped in to this sensitive issue.  The Senate version of the military policy bill  would knock out some of their advantages. This bill still gives them the initial advantage of getting hired, but if they want to be considered for another federal post they would no longer go to the head of the line.  It would  apply across government and affect thousands of veterans and their close relatives, who also are able to jump the line over non-veterans.

The American Legion, the largest of the American Veterans Groups, said Defense Department officials have “turned their backs” on veterans who served the Pentagon and the country.  They have planned a campaign that will kick off on Monday June 20  to protest this change.  The first action of the campaign will be a letter to members of the House that accuses the Pentagon of a “morally-bankrupt tactic” to circumvent veterans’ preference.

American Veterans aid should be a given.  These men and women served and sacrificed for  America and our freedoms and they deserve our thanks and support.

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