Trump Acknowledges Veterans In Acceptance Speech


November 8th saw a momentous election in America’s history. Donald J. Trump in his acceptance speech last night after winning the presidential election over Hillary Clinton acknowledged many people. Notably, the American Veterans.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.” he said.

“We will finally take care of our great veterans who have been so loyal, and I’ve gotten to know so many over this 18-month journey. The time I’ve spent with them during this campaign has been among my greatest honors. Our veterans are incredible people.”

With the Veterans Affairs Department under scrutiny in recent times, the hope is that real aid and assistance will be provided to the men and women of our armed forces and that true reform will be brought to the department so that our veterans can be cared for in a way that honors their service to our country and makes sure they get their benefits without any unnecessary delays.

The full speech can be seen here.

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