Boots On The Ground Helping Veterans


A new Detroit company is teaming up with unemployed veterans to give them some work.

Founder Jarret Schlaff got the idea when he met a homeless veteran looking for work in Detroit. Jarret realized how many veterans in the city are unemployed, over 5600, so he decided to make a difference — and who knows boots better than veterans?

The prototype for the urban utility unisex boot was humbly started in three basements in Detroit. If the boot takes off, they’ll eventually be made in a factory.

Right now, Boots on the Ground is in its crowdfunding phase. They’re hoping to get enough backers to get their boots produced full-time right here in the Motor City.

“My hope and vision is to see more veterans that are unemployed to come back and be reiterated back into society with quality jobs and a reasonable income where they can support themselves as well as their families,” says veteran Michael Jones.

In order to get full-time production of the boots, they need to sell 360 of them at $300 a pop. You can also support the group, though, by ordering a less expensive boot they produce, or just by donating $5.

If the idea takes off, the boots will eventually cost much less than $300. If you’re able to make a donation and get a pair of boots in the meantime, visit

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