American Veterans Make Good Entrepreneurs


Starting your own business is no easy task.  It takes guts, determination, hard work and perseverance.  All skills you will find in someone who has served in the military. So it is puzzling that we have so many unemployed vets.  Many of them have realized that they don’t have to wait  for someone to give them a job, they can start their own business.  American Veterans make good entrepreneurs.

Nearly half of all WWII vets came back and started their own business.  That number s down to only 5% of veterans now taking the plunge.  But they do have the skills. Vets are also innovative and inventive and they are able to build upon the ideas and technology they used while in the military.

American Veteran Startups:

  • Rhumbix is a construction technology start-up that adapted the concept of a system developed and used by the military to track a soldier’s location.  Now it’s used for time sheets and location on a construction site and it helps to improve efficiency.
  • Starling is a wearable technology app that tracks language development in young children.
  • GuideOn helps vets translate their military skills and experience into language that corporate hiring staff can understand and value.

There is still a 5.8% unemployment rate for veterans who served after September 2001. When you say 5 or 6% is doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s almost 150,000 vets out of work.  The Small Business Administration has programs that can help veterans start a business.

We need the skills these American veterans learned on the battlefield being applied in our small businesses and in the Boardroom.


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