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Based on the answers provided on your registration form the veteran or surviving spouse may not be eligible for the Aid & Attendance benefit at this time but may be in the future. Please check your email for more details.


In addition to seeing if you or a loved one qualify for the Aid & Attendance benefit we also offer other financial help such as:

    • Long Term Care Options:

      How will I pay for long term care if it happens? Many options are available and some surprisingly not really costly. Long-term care options offer a range of services and supports to meet personal care needs over an extended period, including in-home care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

    • Trust Attorney/Medicaid Planning:

      Considering safeguarding your assets, protecting your legacy, and cutting future costs? Our Trust Attorney's expertise in estate, trusts, and Medicaid laws can protect your financial legacy while ensuring Medicaid eligibility.

    • Final Expense Plans:

      Don't let end of life expenses catch your family off guard! Have peace of mind. Our Final Expense plans are designed to cover funeral, burial, and associated costs, ensuring your wishes are respected and financial stress on your family is minimized.

    • Reverse Mortgages/Bridge Loans/Selling Your Home:

      Free yourself from a mortgage payment and unlock the value of your home now. Our Reverse Mortgage solutions for those 62+ turn your home equity into supplemental income, our Bridge Loans provide short-term funding ensure liquidity without the wait and our real estate experts specialize in senior homes, ensuring a smooth, profitable sale.

    • Facility Locators:

      Visit and inspect the facilities yourself before you place your loved ones. Our Facility Locators take the guesswork out, matching you or your loved one with the ideal assisted living or nursing home based on unique needs, preferences, and budget.

    • Other Financial Planning Services:

      Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of how to care for the assets you have so successfully gathered for your retirement years. Our personalized financial planning tailors strategies to your unique goals, ensuring flexibility and security as your needs evolve. From Special Needs Planning that safeguards the well-being of loved ones to Life Insurance with Living Benefits providing immediate support in challenging times.

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