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American Veterans aid is often not easy to find. US Vets in the Tampa Bay area cab get help form HEP – a program that helps the homeless.  They also offer other services to assist vets with their issues.

We applaud their commitment to helping veterans in the area. HEP’s goal is to break the cycle of homelessness and be the last homeless shelter an individual or family ever has to access.

Serving American Veterans

Nearly 1/3 of HEP’s population consists of American Veterans who need aid.  That’s aboout the same percentage of the national homeless population of US Vets. Recognizing that honelss veterans require specialized care, HEP works hand in hand with the Veterans Administration to provide specific programs to help them become self-sufficient again.

HEP houses veterans in two apartment complexes on their campus: Fairburn Apartments for men, and HEP West Apartments for men and women. HEP also reserves bed-space in our other shelter offerings, especially for vets.

If you are an American Veteran in the Tampa Bay area in need of help, visit their website for more information

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