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The VA is Not Disneyland

Disneyland’s tag line is The Happiest Place on Earth.  That’s certainly not the way American veterans describe the VA.  And they are irate about The VA Secretary’s comments that because people who go to Disneyland don’t mind the wait because the experience is worth it,  vets should feel the same way about their healthcare.

Disneyland VA 1

Disneyland VA 2

Disneyland VA 3

It’s the encounter with the VA that should be the yardstick, say the Secretary.  So let’s examine what is and isn’t an”encounter.”

Many years ago Jan Carlsson, then CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, wrote a book titled Moments of Truth. In the book he points out that every interaction with a brand is an encounter and will affect how that person feels about your organization.  Every single interaction is a Moment of Truth.

Mr. McDonald is missing the point here.  He thinks that the wait is not an experience with the VA.  Every call, every frustration, every day that goes by without an appointment, every vet that gets sicker while they wait – it’s all part of the “encounter.”  And our veterans don’t have the luxury of choosing a different brand or provider.  They are stuck with the VA.  And they cant get a Speed Pass like you can at Disneyland.

To compare the wait lines of veterans who have served  our country and are in dire need of assistance and aid with people on vacation at Disneyland is just wrong.  It trivializes what these vets have to go through and  why they are in need of aid in the first place.

No wonder our American Veterans have complaints about their aid and assistance and the poor service they get from the VA.



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  1. MEREDith #

    Next time he gets sick or needs care. He is promised with in line . After hearing this is the VA going to get any better.

    May 25, 2016

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