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99 year-old American Veteran Still Seeking Benefits

One Filipino World War II veteran is still seeking recognition and equity pay for his service to the U.S. during the war.  Celestino Almeda, who will turn 99 years old this June, still has the determination he had back when he was a member of the Philippine Commonwealth Army under control of the U.S. Army. he regards himself as an American Veteran.

His service and documentation earned him U.S. citizenship and even VA health benefits, but he is yet to see the $15,000 lump sum payment due to Filipino WWII veterans — compensation granted to Filipino veterans after President Barack Obama signed the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Act of 2009.

For the last two years, Almeda has been appealing for his equity pay at the congressional level. In May, he had a chance to bring his question to the nation’s capitol. Still no decision has been made.

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